Practical information for a shiatsu treatment

A traditional Shiatsu session takes place on a comfortable futon on the ground. This is the most effective way of practising Shiatsu as it utilises the natural effects of gravity, allowing a fuller relaxation for client and practitioner.

Shiatsu clients remain fully clothed, often covered with a thin sheet or blanket. This is for good practical reasons, aiding Shiatsu techniques. Contact through cloth also ensures appropriate boundaries are respected and honoured, whilst receiving the healing benefits of Shiatsu touch.

Before and after a Shiatsu treatment, there will be time for questions and discussion about the session. During the session, there is an invitation to be quiet and calm the mind. This can be a very enjoyable aspect for the client, as it is an opportunity to allow your mind to 'switch off' and fully rest. Although it is fine to ask questions or make comments at any point during the treatment.

Following a Shiatsu session it is advisable to allow a period of time to absorb the effects of the treatment. This usually means going at a slower pace, keeping some quiet time for yourself, or spending a bit of time in nature. This is because after the deep relaxation of a Shiatsu treatment you may find yourself feeling more sensitive and open than usual. Shiatsu is also working with the subtle energies of the body, and it is helpful to allow for any changes on this level to settle and consolidate.